Natürliche Farben und Schärfe für Ihre Unterwasser-Videos

Spezialisiert auf Actioncams, finden Sie bei uns Rotfilter-Adapter, Magentafilter und jetzt ganz NEU auch Makrolinsen-Adapter!

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Auto Magic-Filter

Special red filter for colourful underwater photos and videos

With automatic white balance.

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Original Magic-Filter

The original One, with manual white balance..

Also compatible with external flash and light.

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Greenwater Magic-Filter

Special filter development for lakes and tropical waters. Manual white balance.

For diving in green waters.

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Bring back the colour in your underwater photos and videos!

Magic Filer was especially designed for underwater photography und videography to shoot colourful pictures and videos likewise without flash or artificial light.

Why to descend WITH Magic filter underwater…

One question we get asked a lot is what is the advantage of using a filter, compared with just using the camera's manual white balance alone

When you are very shallow, just below the surface, in the top 3m (9ft) then white balance alone is absolutely fine. However, once you are deeper than 3m (9ft) the advantages of a filter become more and more apparent.

The main advatanges of using a filter, as opposed to white balance alone, are more subtle variations of foreground colour, and probably most noticeable, you get these colours with a richer blue background. Many photos taken with manual white balance are characterised with a completely washed out background water colour. Filters produce a much richer blue. A strong blue background is an important asthetic element in an underwater photograph. Last time I checked, the sea was blue!